Ashley Tisdale loves to wear her own brand lip gloss

Ashley Tisdale is never without a lip gloss from her own line.

The American actress and businesswoman carries a Givenchy handbag on a day-to-day basis and reveals she makes sure the tote is stocked with her beauty essentials so she can always look great while on the go. Having recently unveiled her first beauty line, called Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale, the High School Musical alumni reveals she never without two lip glosses from the range.

“Coral Reef is peach for every day, and Skinny Dipping is nude,” she told Us Weekly. “In case I’m going out and don’t have time to stop home.”


Ashley tends to have numerous other items nestled in her bag, including Beats By Dre headphones, a pink studded Valentino wallet and a Louis Vuitton passport holder. But there’s one multi-purpose beauty solution that the star is never without.

“Hand cream is so important. I learned that from my grandma! So I now always carry La Mer because she knows best,” she smiled.

And when it comes to buying handbags, the 30-year-old isn’t just worried about finding the right one for her favourite products. Ashley likes to select handbags that are suitable for carrying around her dog, a Maltese/poodle cross named Maui. As the pooch weighs a mere five pounds (2.2 kilos), Ashley says she can cart her canine friend just about anywhere with her.

“She can fit in my bag. I did totally sneak her into a movie theatre once in a Saint Laurent bag because it was so big!” she laughed.

As Ashley takes her wellbeing seriously too, she also ensures she has a vegan snack in her bag which she can munch on between meetings. The Young & Hungry producer is a fan of using mason jars as containers and likes to pack hers full of nutritional goodies or overnight oats topped with the likes of honey, peanut butter, almond milk, chocolate protein powder and a pinch of cinnamon.

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