Anne Hathaway relied on dialect coach to perfect ‘stressful’ British accent

Anne Hathaway had just one week to perfect her British accent for upcoming movie The Hustle.

The actress had to hire a dialect coach to help her for the new comedy, as she only discovered her character wasn’t from her native U.S. at the last minute.

Appearing with co-star Rebel Wilson on Britain’s The Graham Norton Show, which airs on Friday night (19Apr19), Hathaway explained, “I found out I had to do it (accent) a week before we started shooting.


“I thought if I didn’t do it, it wouldn’t make a difference, but the director (Chris Addison) insisted. I’ve done it before and it hasn’t always gone well, and it is so stressful to see someone struggle through an accent, so I got a dialect coach and made the best of it.”

“As the producer, I gave her all the accents and I was cast as Australian, so I did no prep!” interjected Wilson, who was born in Sydney.

Speaking about the first time she met Wilson, Hathaway gushed, “Rebel has a ‘larger than life’ life so when she tells you things that have happened to her they are very hard to believe, but amazing things do happen to her and she is a genius.”

The Les Miserables star also spoke about motherhood and revealed her three-year-old son Jonathan is not her biggest fan.

She told Norton,”He does not like my singing voice at all. When I sing he puts his hand up and says, ‘Mama no! Mama no!’

“He is a very tough crowd,” she added. “Recently though, I was singing something from Peppa Pig (animated children’s show) and he let me continue. I was crying and singing!”

In a recent interview with Tatler magazine, Hathaway also admitted she has given up alcohol for her only child until he turns 18, because hangovers are no fun when you’re a mum.

“My issue is I just love it. So. Much. But the way I do it makes me unavailable for my son,” she explained.

Hathaway shares Jonathan with her husband, Adam Shulman.