Anna Kendrick has ditched strict vegan diet

Anna Kendrick no longer abides by a strict vegan diet.

In a cover interview for the June 2020 issue of U.S. Shape magazine, the Pitch Perfect actress opened up about her health, lifestyle, and wellbeing.

But during the chat, Anna confessed that she no longer abides by a vegan diet and now once again eats animal products.


“I was vegan for a year, or maybe even two, and it was the best I’ve ever felt. Then I just fell off the wagon super hard,” she said. “I was like, ‘Well, maybe I can just do vegan most days.’ But no. It was the classic slippery-slope situation for Anna.”

Anna went on to name macaroni and cheese as her favourite meal and insisted she treats herself with lots of sweets. Yet, a brief obsession with baking once led her to making far too many brownies.

“There was a period when I baked a lot. Any recipe that was advanced, I would spend days working on it, trying to get it right,” the 34-year-old stated. “Ironically, the only time I was put off by sweets was during the phase when I was baking, because I always felt like I’d eaten three pounds of brownies by the time I was done. So, then I’d give the rest away.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Anna noted that she tries to follow a balanced diet and always eats breakfast. However, she is a tad concerned about what she will be able to eat until she finds a replacement for her go-to snack bar.

“I always eat the same thing: a vegan Pure Organic Ancient Grain peanut butter bar. But they discontinued it. I have a stockpile of them, and it’s dwindling,” she sighed.