Amy Adams’ skin bleaching drama

Amy AdamsThe worst piece of beauty advice actress Amy Adams was ever given was a suggested skin bleach.

The American Hustle actress is known for her gorgeous red hair and pale complexion, but it seems one beautician didn’t think Amy’s skin was tan-free enough.

Recalling the most horrific thing she has ever been advised by a professional, she told Allure magazine: “That I needed to bleach my skin.


“I was getting a facial, and a woman put something on me, and it started to burn. I was like, ‘What is this?’ She said, ‘Skin lightener’. I was like, ‘Get this off immediately!'”

Treatment trauma aside, the 41-year-old likes to keep things simple when she isn’t working on set or making a public appearance.

“I don’t do a lot when I’m not red-carpeting,” she said. “I feel more authentically myself if I’m a bit more natural.”

Saying that, Amy confesses she is a bit of a lipstick fiend and regularly carries more than one shade with her when she’s out and about.

“(Right now) two, but this is an edited bag,” she added. “Normally, five to eight.”

Amy is also a hoarder when it comes to perfume, unable to settle on one particular fragrance to call ‘her scent’.

“I have a collection,” she continued. “I’ve always wanted to find a signature scent, but I’m too fickle. Tom Ford recently gave me one that’s really musky and spicy. I’m really into that for a night out. TokyoMilk makes one called Tainted Love that’s very vanilla-y, which I like.”

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