Amber Rose: ‘I’m raising my boy to be a feminist’

Amber Rose is raising her son to be a feminist.

The 32-year-old star is mother to three-year-old Sebastian with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa. She has been very vocal about women’s rights, and feels strongly that her boy should grow up knowing how to treat the opposite sex.

“I’m raising him to be a feminist,” Amber told People magazine. “When my son goes to school and his friend calls a girl a hoe, I want him to be the first person to say, ‘Man, that’s not cool. You don’t talk to women like that’. That’s very important to me.”


When it comes to her personal life, there’s only one man Amber’s worried about keeping happy – her little boy. She added in the interview that having a child changed her dramatically, for the better, and she can’t imagine life without Sebastian.

“He’s my little pumpkin,” Amber said. “I hug him, I rub him, I kiss him all day long. Having him was like, you know what, I have to be stronger than I ever have been in my whole life, for him. He needs to look at his mom as Superwoman.”

Amber launched the Slut Walk in Los Angeles last year (15), encouraging supporters to march the streets of the city to demand better treatment of women.

She is also a sexual assault victim herself, so is hoping to make a change with her actions.

“Women are getting sexually assaulted. I’ve been sexually assaulted hundreds of times, just walking through the club,” she added.

“I really want to make a change. The point is, you can wear whatever you want. (A risqué outfit) is not an invitation.”

It was revealed on Tuesday (03May16) that Amber is set to host her own talk show, which will reportedly air on the VH1 network and will be produced by psychologist and talk show legend Dr. Phil McGraw and his son Jay.

The as yet untitled new show will feature Amber conducting forthright interviews with her celebrity friends and guests on topics including celebrity, pop culture, race and family life. It will reportedly appear in a late night slot.

“I am very excited to be joining forces with such an amazing network to deliver a fresh perspective on the primetime talk show,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “Join us as we break all the rules and redefine late-night.”

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