Amber Rose cancels her annual SlutWalk

Amber Rose has cancelled her annual SlutWalk to “protect” her “energy and peace”.

The TV and radio personality, who is expecting her second child, her first with Def Jam music executive Alexander Edwards, revealed the news on Instagram on Tuesday.

She blamed the decision to end her annual SlutWalk, which she began to empower women and end rape culture, victim-blaming and body-shaming, on no longer wanting to tolerate “toxicity” and “fake friends.”


“I stopped being friends with about 20 ppl (people) last year,” the 35-year-old began in a lengthy post on Instagram. “I’ve had friends steal jewelry and money for me, sleep with my BF’s behind my back, male friends lying and telling people we were sleeping together, alcoholic drug addicts and abusive friends, toxic personality friends (sic).”

The star also shared she has had a friend call social services on her twice who then sued her “for calling her and cursing her out (when I found out it was her) smh (shaking my head) that phone call cost me $168,000… Man, the list goes on you have no idea.”

Rose described herself as “extremely unproblematic,” adding, “I don’t start fights. I don’t do drugs. I’m as sweet as pie and constantly get walked all over.”

She went on to explain the constant negativity is the main reason why she has cancelled the SlutWalk festival after four years.

“No toxicity will be tolerated over here only positive vibes,” she continued. “F**k fake friends and their weirdo s**t. I’d rather just have my family and my team. P.S. this is also why I’m not having my Slut Walk this year… Sorry I just have to protect my energy and peace.”

Rose is already mum to son Sebastian, six, whom she shares with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

She hosted her fourth annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles in October 2018.