Amanda Kloots ‘praying for a miracle’ on 60th day of Nick Cordero’s coronavirus battle

Amanda Kloots has told fans she’s “still praying for a miracle” as her husband Nick Cordero remains in hospital fighting Covid-19.

The Broadway star was hospitalised back in March with suspected pneumonia, before testing positive for the coronavirus. As doctors fought to save the actor/singer, he fell into a coma, during which they had to amputate his leg to prevent blood clotting and fit him with a temporary pacemaker for his heart.

Since the start of his health battle, Nick has also suffered two mini-strokes, a septic infection, and fungus in his lungs, but fitness guru Amanda is doing her best to stay positive.


Sharing a snap of herself and Nick on her Instagram page on Saturday, Amanda wrote: “Nick wrote to me on Valentines Day, ‘The future’s uncertain, the path is not always clear, but with you by my side I walk with no fear.’ It’s day 60 and I miss him more than ever.”

She added on her Instagram Stories: “I am still praying for a miracle. Sometimes that prayer is answered in the way we ask and sometimes it’s answered in a way we could never understand.

“Faith is a beautiful thing but also, also a hard thing. True faith comes in times where we must trust in God, his plan and his will. In that, I find peace always.”

Amanda also told fans that she and the doctors are “at a point where we’ve done everything we possibly can”, and are now “just waiting to see if things progress in a way that is good”.