Alicia Keys supports vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris with powerful U.S. Election Day video

Alicia Keys tried to help Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris win a few extra votes on Election Day by releasing a new video featuring the politician on the campaign trail.

In the short film, Keys, a fervent Democrat, explains the importance of campaigning in swing states which could determine the outcome of the election as Senator Harris’ sidekick, Joe Biden, attempts to kick current U.S. leader Donald Trump out of the White House, while securing a Democratic majority in the Senate.

“A lot of what I’m thinking about and talking about is like, we’re the bosses of these candidates,” Alicia said in the video, which debuted on Tuesday as Americans hit the polling stations to vote. “We hire them!


“I just want people to feel good, feel inspired, and know that this is our time. We have the right to voice how we feel and see the shift that we want to see.”

The political ad also features Harris opening up on the issues she’s most passionate about, including minimum wage and police reform.

It’s yet to be determined who won Tuesday’s election, with results not expected to be known until Wednesday or later.