Alicia Keys shares slip-proof head wrap tutorial

Alicia Keys has finally shared her guide for wrapping head scarves with fans.

The superstar regularly steps out sporting a boldly coloured head wrap, with her followers often begging her for details on how she has mastered her technique.

Now, in a new video for, Alicia has detailed her exact method, starting with the way she ties her locks up.


“You have to put your hair on the top of the head, as close to the top of the head as you can. I like it really high so the wrap will sit up and lengthen the neck and it gives a nice shape,” she said, before demonstrating how she uses hair ties to make the ponytail into a simple bun. “The bigger your bun, the bigger your wrap.”

Next, Alicia selects a scarf made from cotton or a similar blend of fabric, as silk or satin can be too slippery.

With a smaller piece of material, she recommends first folding it into a triangle shape.

“Put it on the back of your head, and then wrap it around the bun,” the 39-year-old said, going on to tuck the ends of the fabric into the hair. “For the larger, rectangular scarf, you’re going to fold it just in half (into a rectangle). Again, you are going to start with the long side behind you. Then, you go behind the head. Cross it over in front (of the bun) and then and wrap it around the head as many times as it can. Tuck the edges inside.”

Depending on her outfit, Alicia will sometimes wrap a second scarf over the top, twist the ends into a makeshift braid, and wind that around the bun before securing with a hair tie too.

“It stays all day,” she promised.