Alicia Keys credits dairy and bread-free diet for flawless skin

Alicia Keys is certain ditching dairy and bread from her diet has made a huge difference to her skin.

The singer-songwriter hit headlines back in 2016 when she first began attending events wearing little to no make-up and has continued with her cosmetics-free stance ever since.

Opening up about her morning beauty regime in a new video for, Alicia explained how eliminating certain foods has positively impacted her complexion.


“I’ve cut out dairy… and also, believe it or not, getting rid of the breads,” she sighed. “Let me tell you, I’m the first person… I am a ‘breadaholic’. And then obviously, the fried foods, the oil and all that in the skin is never really good.”

Alicia went on to describe how she washes her face with Osmosis Beauty’s Gentle Cleanser, before applying Epicuren Discovery Bulgaricum Probiotic Mask Powder, and hydrating her face with Sacred Rose Water or Epicuren’s Discovery Aloe Vera Calming Gel.

But she insisted mastering any skincare routine takes trial and error.

“I’ve always cared about skincare, but in a way that was very frustrated because I didn’t always have good skin. I’ve learned some of the secrets and I’ve also found some of the products that work for me – because everybody is different. You’ve gotta keep trying and find what’s good for you,” the 39-year-old shared.

Elsewhere in the clip, Alicia urged fans to incorporate some simple meditative rituals, such as lighting a candle while getting ready, into each day.

“If you feel overwhelmed, if you get to a part of the day where you just feel overwhelmed… escape to your bathroom and just take some breaths in, exhale – do that about 10 times,” she suggested.