Alexa Chung: ‘Vintage denim doesn’t do my bum justice!’

Alexa Chung loves vintage denim, but not how unflattering it is around her bottom.

The British It girl is constantly jetting around the globe for her various business ventures, such as her new role as the creative director of UGG Boots. Being an expert at flight style, Alexa has shared some of her go-to travel outfits, from practical pieces to fun choices.

“If I’m going to L.A., I already want to get in the mood, I’m already in hot pants,” she laughed to W magazine. “Then, I’ve also been into vintage denim recently, but I realise it’s hugely unflattering on my bum. I hate taking off the raincoat when you have to go through security because whoever’s behind will be going through a terrible time.”


However, the 32-year-old admits she isn’t a pro when it comes to her on-the-go beauty regime and often forgets her toothbrush and razor. One thing she ensures she has with her at all times is a product recommended by an expert, who was shocked at the condition of her skin.

“I went to the Ling Spa in New York once and the facialist was like, ‘Very dry skin, driest I’ve ever seen!’” Alexa recalled. “So she gave me this serum that has something acid, so I travel with that that. Some kind of moisturiser. I’m terrible at beauty products.”

On top of working with UGG, the brunette beauty has recently launched her second, and final, collection with U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer. This range includes designs like a faux fur jacket and a silver shirt, with Alexa taking inspiration from the store’s achievements in creating her edgy garments for a “what happens after dark” theme.

“I wanted to make a tuxedo, I wanted 1970s disco, Studio 54. Fabric-wise, I thought it could be a bit more shiny. Synthetic, but in a good way,” she explained of one of her outfits to The Telegraph newspaper.

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