Alexa Chung loves clothes with a purpose

Alexa Chung is a big fan of “purposeful clothes”.

The 34-year-old British presenter and model has become known for her unique sense of style over the years, with many trying to emulate her ability to sling an outfit on and make it look incredible. And in an interview with InStyle magazine, Alexa revealed she considers fashion as a way of expressing herself.

Describing her sense of style, Alexa said: “Boyish, a bit grandma, a bit like a ’70s man in a band… I always struggle to describe it because I see it as a moving target, even though there are touchstones.


“But fundamentally I’m interested in purposeful clothes – I hope they are vehicles for expressing something. And I want to look cool as f**k, obviously!”

Among Alexa’s favourite trends at the moment are “a scarf on the head. Like a granny going to the supermarket, tied under the chin.” But the brunette beauty has also had her fair share of regretful outfits as well.

“Years ago, I tried to bring back cycling shorts at a Chanel show, and then I listed it as one of my big regrets – and now they’re back!” she laughed.