Alanis Morissette busks in New York subway

Alanis Morissette slipped into a disguise as she busked in New York City’s 50th Street subway station for Wednesday’s instalment of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The Ironic hitmaker wore a blonde wig, sunglasses, and hat to obscure her identity, while Fallon donned a beard and sunglasses, as the pair belted out a selection of tunes.

Getting into the festive spirit, they began with a rendition of the Christmas classic The Little Drummer Boy, which attracted a small crowd to their makeshift stage.


As Morissette took the lead, Fallon harmonised and played a drum, commenting: “Thank you very much, everybody. Happy, happy, happy holidays, everybody.”

As the gathering audience cheered, the U.S. late-night host began to strip away his disguise and introduced himself.

“My name is, uh, Jimmy Fallon. And this is Alanis Morissette!” he announced, as passersby flocked to see the famous duo perform more tracks.

Rounding out the set, they closed with Morissette’s mega-hit from her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill, You Oughta Know, with Fallon providing tambourine accompaniment and backing vocals, as the crowd exuberantly sang along.

The Canadian singer will celebrate the record’s 25th anniversary next year with a commemorative tour.

It follows the star’s 2 December one-off acoustic performance of the album in its entirety at the Apollo Theater in New York, and the launch of the Jagged Little Pill Broadway musical, inspired by the 1995 release, which premieres Thursday.