Adam Lambert had ’70s-inspired suits custom-made for Velvet video

Adam Lambert can’t get enough of the ’70s-inspired suits he wears in his latest music video.

The Whataya Want from Me singer recently dropped his new single Velvet, with the tune featuring on his fourth studio album of the same name.

In the accompanying clip, Adam plays a tailor looking for love, and when they were coming up with ideas for the concept, the star and director Charlotte Rutherford immediately knew they wanted iconic Savile Row tailor Edward Sexton to create a series of boldly coloured outfits in order to perfectly convey the disco/glam rock vibe.


“A lot of the suits that I’ve been wearing lately were designed by a tailor in the U.K. – Edward Sexton. He made suits for Elton John and Mick Jagger, so that kind of inspired me to think, ‘Why don’t I act as a tailor?'” he recalled in a video interview for Harper’s Bazaar. “I love when clothes make you feel like there’s an occasion happening. Whether you’re socialising or working it tells a story, it communicates something to the people you are interacting with.”

In the video, Adam sports a custom-made crimson number and a blue velvet suit with green silk ruffled shirt. However, the white suit he donned during a wedding sequence was from his own wardrobe – with the look transformed via the help of some playful accessories.

“With the solo stuff right now, the sound has a look. Again, it’s this retro-inspired thing. There’s a little dash of ’70s New York pimp to it all. That’s what the album sounds like to me. I think that Velvet is a celebration. It has a lot of joy, I needed that to be part of the video. I want people to see the playfulness,” the 38-year-old smiled, adding that he hopes the video inspires his fans to get creative with their outfits. “To see us playing dress up. It always cracks me up the phrase, ‘I love that, I could never pull it off.’ That’s my favourite thing when I hear that. I go, ‘That’s nonsense.’ All you have to do to pull it off is have the desire to try it on. It’s tuning out what anyone else things. It’s dressing for yourself.”