Inception Diamonds partners with South African super-star Bontle Modiselle

Bontle Modiselle is by far one of South Africa’s most multifaceted performers. The Soweto-born beauty has gone from an unknown dancer with a dream, to one of the country’s most sought after film and TV personalities in a relatively short period of time. Bontle has that elusive “X-factor” and her engaging personality and passion is refreshing in an industry that can sometimes become faceless and cold, setting her apart from many others.

Director of Inception Diamonds, Ross Reid shares “We are proud to work alongside Bontle – she shares our vision, a collective narrative of consciousness. To create beauty without a social cost.”

“I’ve always believed in trusting the process.  My life has been a reflection of the very same process that rocks undergo to become the diamonds we so highly prize.  I too, as an African jewel, couldn’t be happier to be part of a partnership more fitting than this. Inception Diamonds has made the process beautiful again, one where these precious stones aren’t stained by the blood of men and tainted by the tears of women.  How can I not be part of something so beautiful?” shares Bontle.The joyous collaboration between the two brands is something that works intrinsically for them both – the need for a common thread, one that is socially responsible. Buying is the ultimate goal to promote sustainability of the African Luxury Fashion Market.

“We can totally see a trend in “Eco-Friendly” buy-in from international markets. Collaborations between the lab grown diamond industry & luxury brands like Stella McCartney, and global tech leaders like Google, have shown us that a global revolution is on the cards. Marking our footprint in Africa whilst aligning the brand that is Inception Diamonds with international trends like these, are key. This collaboration between Inception Diamonds and Bontle Modiselle makes complete sense” adds Inception Diamonds spokesperson, Leon Haasbroek.


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