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Happy Birthday, Ayabonga Khaka!

Sharing a birthday with the great Nelson Mandela is South African Women’s cricketer Ayabonga Khaka. Khaka is one of our top right-arm medium speed bowlers, and today as she celebrates her birthday, the Proteas Women take on England in the semi-finals of the Women’s World Cup! We hope Ayabonga’s birthday brings luck and inspiration to the team today!

We chatted to Ayabonga before she left for the Women’s World Cup in England about her life as a female cricketer.
Q. How did you get into cricket?
A. To be honest with you, I just played with the boys around my village and I developed a love for the game. I started playing cricket like that.
Q. What do you enjoy most about playing cricket?
A. I think it is a nice sport to be in. It’s always a sport full of discipline. I enjoy everything about it.
Q. Do you enjoy the touring?
A. Yeah, I do. We tour a lot. We’re away from our families a lot. But I think that if I had never played cricket, I would not have seen all of the countries that I have seen because of playing cricket.

Q. Which is your favourite place that you have been to?
A. Australia was nice.
Q. Can you tell us any funny stories that have happened on or off the field?
A. We were touring Bangladesh and two of the players were chasing the ball and they just collided and collapsed into each other.
Q. Are you looking forward to England?
A. Yes, I am looking forward to England. I think it is a nice place to be and I am looking forward to playing cricket there.

We’re hoping that Ayabonga Khaka will not only be celebrating her birthday tonight but also a spot in the final with the Proteas women! Let’s do this, girls! Good luck for the match today – and Happy Birthday, Ayabonga!



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