Goodluck and DJ Ganyani Drop New Single ‘Waiting For You’

Local electronic trio Goodluck previously teamed up with house superstar DJ Ganyani on the smash hit ‘Fading’. The single effortlessly blended the acts’ various musical styles and showcased both artists’ love for African and dance music. Now, after the incredible success of ‘Fading’, the acts are doing it all over again. Now, Goodluck and DJ Ganyani are proud to present their new single ‘Waiting For You’.

As expected, the song is another fantastic celebration of African music – and the acts are taking the track worldwide. The song, released by Sony Music Africa, has also been picked up by Armada Records. DJ Ganyani’s influence is clearly seen on the track and it’s clear that the producer worked close to Goodluck’s producer Ben Peters on the song. The production is strong and makes a statement. That, blended with Juliet Harding’s dreamy vocal has created a catchy dance track that is set to take the local charts and radio airplay by storm.

“Working with DJ Ganyani was extraordinary. He crafted an incredibly powerful beat around this inspiring message. We both have a shared vision of bringing more African to the world [and we did it with this song]. We are very proud of this release,” Juliet says of the track.


‘Waiting For You’ is now available on all major digital music platforms.