Giuliana Rancic Won’t Prep For Red Carpet Chats

US TV presenter Giuliana Rancic thinks some people prepare too much for interviews, and admits she never prepares for A-list interviews because thinking quickly makes them more interesting.

Giuliana Rancic

The 41-year-old star has spoken to some of the biggest names in the business and is renowned for her tongue-in-cheek style – such as telling George Clooney she’d always wanted to ‘lei him’ after placing a lei garland of flowers around his neck at an awards show.


Gearing up to interview at the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles on January 10, she promised to make things fun.

“I often say that the less prepared I am for an interview, the better,” she laughed during an interview.

“When you prepare too much, you’re more likely to miss something, like a celebrity wearing two different shoes because they’re fashion forward. It’s important to stay in the moment.”

Also vital is that Giuliana is properly nourished beforehand. While it looks like her job is all fun and frolics, it can be very hard work too.

“I think it was the Emmys where we took the temperature on our platform and it was 104 degrees,” she said. “That’s five hours in five-inch heels, a fitted gown and hair and make-up. So I need energy. I always have a good meal beforehand, plus snacks.

Giuliana Rancic Won't Prep For Red Carpet Chats

“I’m a little nervous right before the red light goes on, but once that happens and we’re live in front of millions, I just have fun.”

Giuliana also appears on TV show Fashion Police, and she was mired in controversy after she made some ill-judges jokes about actress Zendaya – commenting the young star looked like she smelt of ‘weed’ when she rocked dreadlocks.

The remark caused outrage and prompted Kelly Osbourne to leave the panel, but Giuliana has now put it behind her.

When she began on the programme the late Joan Rivers was involved, and Giuliana can’t speak highly enough of her.

“I learnt a lot from Joan,” she said. “She was very kind. She taught me that no matter how busy you are, how crazy this business is, you shouldn’t believe your own hype.”

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