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Gigi Lamayne Is Out Of Hospital!


Following a scary tweet from the rapper which sent shock waves across the nation, it appears Gigi Lamayne is safe and sound after her recent Insta post, “Home safe ❤️Thank you to every single one of my friends, industry mates and supporters. I’m sorry to you all. Clearly I’m alive to tell my best story yet. I LOVE YOU for loving me at this time of weakness. You made me strong. Now I work on myself. Now I love myself,” she wrote.

Following her frightening tweet hinting an attempted suicide, which she later removed, which had the rapper’s birth date and the day which the tweet went out. The post was since deleted.

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Cause big girls gotta do what they gotta do. 🔥

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Depression has been a challenge many people have been facing and has risen to the forefront of all mental issues. Gigi did reveal in previous interviews that she’d been battling depression. More recently was late rap legend HHP who also suffered from depression.

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Let’s renovate this smile. 😊

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We’re just glad to hear the the rapper is alright.

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