Getting To Know Survivor SA’s Seamus!

Survivor SA

Last night, Seamus Holmes surprisingly became the first ever contestant voted off from the brand new Survivor SA: Philippines. Holmes had what seemed to be a good start to the game but no one is ever really safe in this testing competition. We caught up with him to find out what’s next for him after Survivor, whom he’d love to see voted off next, and what he’d do differently if he were to go back to the island.

How do you feel about being the first contestant voted off?

As a fan, it’s the worst nightmare but I played a risky game from the beginning and I wanted to show my alliance members that I was willing to sacrifice my name at the first tribal council and it’s a pity they went out on a swing boat.


When Ace was crying, that was pivotal and the fact that Tom was awake and managed to rescue him in that state worked to his advantage. If I was wake at that moment then it would’ve been my golden opportunity.

Seamus Holmes

If you had an opportunity to go back what would you change?

I wouldn’t do anything differently because I played the game I wanted to play and I said from the beginning I was going to play hard. I was in a tribe with people who didn’t want to play the game from the get go like I did. For me as an absolute Survivor purist, the game starts from the beginning and I was under the impression that people would be playing as hard as I would.

The person we saw on the island, is that how you are in real life?

In life you can be manipulative and conniving but you’ll eventually get caught. The worst thing that can happen on Survivor is to get voted off and people will be mad at you. I’d like to work with integrity and care about the people in my life, but those are strangers.

What’s next for you now that you’re eliminated from Survivor?

At the moment I’m eating a lot of humble pie and I’m full steam back at work and also working on a project outside of my company and that’s taking up a lot of my time.

Who would you like to see voted off next?

Initially I’d say Tom and I knew Shane’ was against me and she’s not good at the game as she thinks she is. She’s reckless, short minded and doesn’t have a long term strategy at hand. I’d like to see her go. I was more of a sniper!