Getting To Know Cedric Fourie

Cedric Fourie


After sitting down and having a chat with Cedric Fourie, we realized that there’s so much more to him than meets the eye. In-fact, he’s nothing like the character of Lehasa Maphosa that we’ve come to know him for on SABC 1’s Skeem Saam. Unlike Lehasa, Cedric is not arrogant nor is he driven by money – he’s a dedicated dad to his two year-old son and has come from very humble beginnings. Here we get to know the Soweto-born actor a bit more.

Most people know you as Lehasa – a charismatic young business man who’s robbed Sonti of her business on Skeem Saam. Are you anything like him?


I share a few traits with Lehasa, but not everything! He’s a business man and can be very manipulative to get his way, but I’m not like that. The similarities would be that Lehasa and I both take care of our bodies and we are both very confident.

cedric fourie


You started out as a network engineer at several companies. How did you end up in acting?

While I was a full time network engineer I’d venture into acting part-time. I’ve done a few roles on other TV shows, nothing permanent though. I was avoiding the whole thing of being a struggling actor.

So how did you get into Skeem Saam?

It was last year when I decided that I was done doing network engineering. I felt there was no growth for me and it wasn’t something I was passionate about. I only did it because it’s what I had working for me at the time. Then I heard there was an audition for a role on Skeem Saam for Lehasa. I went for the audition and I got called back. I was there for 6 months and they renewed my contract.

cedric fourie

Through your social media we’ve picked up that you are very close with your son. How are you finding fatherhood?

It’s the most amazing experience ever before even acting. I feel like I’m blessed to have the son like the one I have. He’s so funny. He’s so naughty and sometimes can be quite a handful, but he’s everything and you can’t help but love him. He’s very intelligent.

If you could give a word of advice to a teenage you. What would that be?

My advice to a younger I would be perseverance. Just because you’re in a situation where you’re under privileged, it doesn’t mean that’s where it’s going to end. Your beginning doesn’t determine your end.

cedric fourie


How do you ensure that you remain level-headed in light of all the attention you’re getting?

The friends that I grew up with keep me humble because they remind me off where I come. I don’t believe people change, I believe they grow. If you’ve always been arrogant you’ll always remain arrogant. It’s just that it’ll come out in different ways.

Now that SA has taken notice of your talent. Where are you palling to take this acting thing?

There’re a lot of characters that I’d still love to play. But the end goal is to end up in Hollywood. For now I’ll be working on a few other shows. I also want to do a couple of local movies – that’s my biggest passion. I want to have people driving to cinemas to go watch me.

cedric fourie

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