Getting To Know Body Positivity Activist – Siphokazi Veti

Siphokazi Veti

We recently chatted to influencer, writer and body positivity activist Siphokazi Veti during a shoot for a campaign she’s currently working on and will be announced soon. We got to know her a bit more, what she stands for and what she’s been through.

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Tell us a bit about yourself and what you represent?

My name is Siphokazi Veti; I’m a writer and a body positivity activist. I want to remind everyone that all bodies are important, especially plus size bodies. We are valid just as much as everybody else in the world and we should be noticed.


What do you mostly write about?

My writing is about self-love and body positivity – I really want to affirm and get people to love themselves for who they truly are and not shy away from what society keeps on saying by being firm. We are all valid.

Where can we find your writing?

My writing is all over my social media, mostly twitter and Instagram. I have a book coming out soon.

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Struggling with weight has got to be one of the most crippling pains I continuously sort to overcome. Body shaming and fat shaming, can take one to extremely dark places. I will go as far as to stay home, to avoid being seen, I will adopt unhealthy habits, like vomiting or starving myself all in the name of trying to lose weight faster. I have found myself in front of the mirror, knife in my hand ready to slice through all the undesirable parts. Over the past year or two I've done so much work to be able to stomach being able to even stand in front of the mirror no longer in disgust at my own site, so to have someone shame how your body chooses to express it's-self, is them simply tying a noose around your neck and lifting you off the floor themselves. Waking up every morning to a society that doesn't find your body desirable is so painful, you begin to question your value. I become subject to so much scrutiny, I have to prove that my body deserves the space it takes up. I am frustrated and I am hurt but I've come too far to let another's opinion devalue what I've built. To all the body and fat shamers out there – Shut The Fuck Up! Nobody asked for your tired, fucked up opinion. Worry about your own damn insecurities and stop putting that shame on our bodies. Our bodies are valid and deserve to take up the space that they do. Your concern isn't my growing thighs, your concern is that I'm taking up more space and making you a lil more irrelevant. Fuck your unsolicited invalid opinion. For the women, girls and guys who struggle with weight I'm here to say I am with you! Let us work together and fight the idea that there is only one body type and that if we don't fit in that particular mould then we are unworthy. Let's not give into the pressures of comparing ourselves or putting each other down. It's time to take back the bodies that since childhood were told are the wrong weight, size or colour. Reclaim the right not only as woman but also as human, to have a life free of self-loathing or self-doubt. Reclaim your right to self-love

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Tell us a bit about the book.

It’s a collection of all my writings. It’s a book about me, my journey and affirming my role in this world.

Have you always been this bold and positive person that you are?

I grew up very insecure but I found my love on stage, since then I realised I’m just as valid as anybody else and I shouldn’t shy away from who I am. I do this for the younger me, my younger sister, my mom and everybody out there.

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So what is it that really made you have a more positive outlook on life?

When my older sister passed I realised that my voice is important and I needed to say something. Her presence in this world taught me that I shouldn’t keep quiet about what was inside of me. I felt it was really important to stand up for myself, especially when no one couldn’t. I realised that I’m the only one who could tell my story.

How do you plan on spending your festive season?

I’ll be spending my time with family and friends, being in tune with who I am!

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I am in this sort of processing stage of realizing and letting go of the toxicity, the grief, the pain and the shame. The more I come to fully and truly know myself, the easier it is for me to rid of the beliefs/ opinions/ thoughts/ & energies that are not mine, and then to completely shine and stand in my truth. I am one beautiful being with a big heart, with so much love to share, so passionate, so wild, emotional, so much light to set aflame the whole universe. I'm coming to absolutely love every single part of myself What a journey I have come to fully understand and learn to fully apply myself as a self- empowered woman full of love, full of wisdom, full of might. I am tired of not giving myself enough credit, or doubting myself and my power, for not giving myself the love I deserve! I am taking flight into the newness of me and engaging in activities and interacting with people that are meaningful, who absolutely reflect my truth. It is all so exciting to heal, to be grounded and to self- love.

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