Get To Know Rhythm City’s Nomalanga Shozi [EXCLUSIVE]

Nomalanga Shozi

Nomalanga Shozi

Tall, slender, aspiring actress and Radio DJ, Jessica Nomalanga Shozi exclusively modelled for us and openly shared some interesting and fun facts about herself which we bet you didn’t know about the 22 year-old Durbanite. Get to know Rhythm City’s new member, Nomalanga Shozi as she ushers you into her fabulous world!

Nomalanga Shozi

  1. “I have 13 brothers and sisters!”
  2. “My Dad is a Cassanova!”
  3. “I’m obsessed with big hair!”
  4. “I love cooking.”
  5. “I eat a lot of food.”
  6. “I’m Cancerian – I love the moon and music.”
  7. “Denim defines my life!”
  8. “I have a super long tongue. I can touch my chin with it!”
  9. “I don’t really have a favourite colour but I really like pastel colours.”
  10. “Shoes and clothes – that’s where ALL my money goes!”
  11. “I’m definitely all about the natural hair movement.”
  12. “I’m super OCD about people not pronouncing Zulu words properly!”
  13. “Solange Knowles is my sister and best friend. She just doesn’t know it, yet.”

Jessica Nomalanga Shozi

Calling all Rhythm City fans, catch Nomalanga Shozi’s first episode which airs on 13 July 2016 – a day after her birthday. She shares,”This is my first big acting gig. I play a character who is named Nomalanga too but she is nothing like the real me. She’s a conniving,  manipulative and super crazy woman who is much, much older than me so it’s quite challenging bringing her to life – but it’s loads of fun!”

Nomalanga Shozi

We’re super excited and can’t wait to see Nomalanga in action! Ladies and gents, Keep up with Jessica Nomalanga Shozi on social media.