Gangs Of Ballet Tap Jack Parow For First Single After Announcing Disbandment

Durban-based pop/rock group Gangs of Ballet broke our hearts earlier this month when they announced that their disbandment after a magical seven years in the industry. Brad Klynsmith, Jonathan Rich and Josh Klynsmith have solo endeavours they wish to pursue (not necessarily in music) and they all felt this was the right time to end their Gangs Of Ballet chapter. However, the group isn’t leaving us cold turkey. The group will release their new EP ‘Form & Function Part 3’ later this year and just dropped the project’s lead single ‘Black and White’ featuring Jack Parow.

What makes this track special is the fact that ‘Black and White’ is the group’s first collaboration. The group wanted to join forces with someone outside of their genre and Jack Parow was a natural choice for the group. Parow takes the lead on the track with a strong first and second verse while the group takes over the chorus and bridge. The chemistry between both artists is great and each act elevates the other which is wonderful to see. Sonically, the album has subtle hip-hop elements to it and the excessive use of synths gives it an old-school 80s sound yet perfectly fitting into the 2018 pop landscape.

Since this is the group’s first collaboration, they didn’t have full control of the songwriting and it pushed the band to think differently about the process. “We had a beat and a chorus and sent it to Parow to see what he thought and he connected with it straight away. He later came to the studio and wrote his parts. He was a total pro in that space, took him less than 45 minutes to write his parts and almost ‘one take wondered’ them when he recorded. He’s a genuine talent!” Brad Klynsmith tells us. When asked what inspired the single, Brad continues saying “I’ve always said that people only ever really get hurt in that little space between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. As soon as someone knows where they stand, whether its good or bad news, the game changes and they can dive in or have closure. ‘Black and White’ is a bit about finding clarity.”


‘Black and White’ is out now and ‘Form & Function Part 3’ drops later this month.