Fezile Mkhize Crowned First Runner-Up At Mr World 2019

by El Broide

Congratulations are in order for Top Billing presenter Fezile Mkhize, The 25-year-old medical doctor was announced runner-up at Mr World 2019 in the Philippines last week. 72 contestants from around the world took part in the popular pageant which saw Mexico’s Brian Faugier take home the crown in a nail-biting final.

Taking to social media, Fez says that “It’s been a demanding three weeks filled with everything you could think of- from physical trials and tribulations; to mental exhaustion with 71 new found brothers.” He adds that “It has been more than I ever thought it would be and through it all I have proudly flown not just my beautiful country’s colors but held the African soil from which I come from in my heart.”

Now that he’s back on home soil, Fez is looking forward to continuing his journey in the medical space where he has hopes of specialising in cardiothoracic surgery as well as creating more magical moments on ‘Top Billing’.

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