EXCLUSIVE: Watch Valeska Muller’s ‘Verlange Van Jou’ Music Video

by El Broide

Valeska Muller has released the beautiful new singles ‘Skyn Jou Liggie Vir My’ and ‘Verdwaal Saam Met Jou’ over the past few months and as she gets ready to launch her album in August this year, the star has released a powerful new single titled ‘Verlange Van Jou’ as she puts the final touches on the project.

‘Verlange Van Jou’ is one of Valeska’s most personal singles to date. Paired with honest lyrics and a progressive house beat, Valeska introduces something both unique and fresh to the Afrikaans music space.

The singer says that the song is about an ex lover who you still love and cherish but don’t spend as much time as you should with them. “At the beginning of our relationship, we were happy, in love and inseparable. We would spend every waking moment together until he got a new job and became too busy. I started seeing less of him and got into the habit of spending my weeks and weekends alone, because I never knew when he would be available to see me,” shares Valeska. “In search of his love and attention, I lost myself. I tried to fill the void with work, exercise, retail therapy, performances, spending time with friends and watching television, but my heart remained empty. His silence was evident in every aspect of my life and I was consumed by an intense sense of longing. All that remained, was the memories of what once was.”

When it came to creating a music video, Valeska knew that she wanted to use red and blue imagery to showcase her contrasting emotions. “Multi-dimensional moments show how a relationship can evolve from love into longing. I wanted to keep the concept as close to reality as possible. The video shows how I try to distract myself, but nothing I do can stop the sense of longing that is consuming my life,” she explains. “I enjoyed the experience very much, because it was the first time that I was part of a video that was shot with neon lights and a 4K camera. The entire video is in shades of blue and red and the storyline is linked to my previous two videos. This means that viewers will only have a better idea of what is going after they have seen them too.”

Watch the music video exclusively here:

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