Elvis Blue and Snotkop Swap Roles For The ‘Langpad Alleen Pad’ Video – And It’s Hilarious!

SAMA-winning Elvis Blue is getting ready for summer with a brand-new single that is set to take the local music charts by storm. In what has been called the most surprising collaboration of the year, the crooner teams up with Afrikaans pop star Snotkop for a track titled ‘Langpad Alleen Pad’.

Both acts push themselves out of their comfort zone with this release as they prove that collaboration often leads to magical moments – especially in music. Elvis and Snotkop each have their own loyal fanbase and many were pleasantly surprised to see the duo join forces on the track. “Snotkop and I have become good friends over the years due to us seeing each other at different concerts on a regular basis. Nobody ever thought we would end up working together because of our complete opposite styles – well, now we’ve proven them wrong, that’s for sure!” Snotkop adds that he always wanted to work with Elvis, and refers to him as a “modern day poet of his time”.

Since the collaboration is so surprising, the duo wanted to create a music video that finds a common ground between them. So, they swap roles and dress up as each other in the hilarious clip. “Shooting the music video was super fun,” says Snotkop, “We dressed up as each other – in what we usually would look like – and it was non-stop laughter on set all day long.”


Watch the music video here: