Easy Freak Pick ‘no lies’ As Their Next Single

After the success of ‘Good Times’ and ‘cometogether/uzobona’, local pop duo Easy Freak have picked the title single as the next single off their latest studio album ‘no LIES’ – and to celebrate, they’re dropped a beautiful video to accompany the track.

The group explain that the song was written back in 2017 and was inspired by Jude Kenrick’s relationship at the time. With a love for hip-hop, R&B and funk, the duo combined the three genres into the skeleton of the track and have come out with a sound that’s both interesting and unique.

“‘no lies’ is about a guy who’s in love with a girl, and he’s just wanting to be upfront and honest about it, you know. He’s wanting to make things official, hanging in the week and not only on the weekends. He’s trying to take things to the next level,” Jude explains.


To celebrate the release of the new single, Easy Freak dropped the official music video for the track today. The video was shot over the course of two days and conceptualised by Matt Masson and Dom Hurd. The duo were joined by two women, Sunayna Bholah and Jessie Tremmil who added their swag to the music video. The concept centres around two couples and follows them around from location to location. With popping colours and tangible energy, it features a couple of young people in love.

Check it out here: