Duchess Blue Mbombo’s Winter Tips

Blue Mbombo

The Duchess Blue Mbombo

We caught up with Duchess Blue Mbombo and she shared her beauty tips and tricks to staying flawless throughout winter.

Blue Mbombo Talks Beauty Winter TricksSkin


“Keep your skin moist and use rich creams like Camphor Cream or Vaseline – especially if you have dry skin.”

Warm Clothes

“You can still look sexy and hot but keep warm without having to wear your whole wardrobe.”

Hot Drinks

“Enjoy your favourite hot drink to keep you warm from the inside out. I love hot chocolate!”

Duchess Blue Mbombo

Don’t overeat

“Even though it’s winter, it does not mean that you must eat magwinya (fat cakes) every day. You still need to eat healthy food and watch what you eat. Besides, spring is almost here and I’m sure you¬†want it to find you looking fit and fab.”


“Water is a must-have. You can’t be dehydrating in the middle of winter – that does you no good. Drink water, it’s good for healthy skin and your digestive system, among other things.”

Duchess Blue Mbombo

Thanks Blue, we hope to be as fabulous as you! Ladies and gents, keep up with Duchess Blue on social media.