DJ Black Coffee Raises Over Half A Million Rand For Covid-19 Relief


As the world continues to battle the effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus on the population, many stars have used their power to help raise funds for various relief efforts around the world. Locally, DJ Black Coffee has been playing his part and now, a month after launching his online love concert, the producer has helped raise over R500 000 worth of donations.

After first raising R98 000 during his online concert series, the producer has been focusing his efforts on securing as much funding as possible for one charity per week who are working tirelessly to provide food parcels to families who are unable to make an income over the next few months.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers ❤️

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Over the past few weeks, DJ Black Coffee has raised:

R147,000 for Corona Cares SA, which aims to assist South Africans with basic necessities like water and food.
R164,000 for SAveABusiness, which helps small businesses hit hard by the virus and lockdown regulations imposed by the government.
R43,000 for the #FeedingSATogether initiative, providing food packs for those in need.
R55,800 for KFC’s Add Hope, which supplies food parcels and meals to those in need.
R19,800 for Gift of the Givers, providing much-needed medical supplies to front-line workers in the fight against Covid-19, and basic food and water supply to those in need.

“We are grateful to have you support the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the fight against Covid-19. We are all in this together,” the World Health Organisation said as they praise the DJ for his hard work in making a difference to the lives of so many.

We love seeing our local celebs using their star power to make a difference in the lives of so many around the country.