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DeKiller’Clown Premieres Cinematic Video For ‘The Complicated Hour’

DeKiler’Clown is an exciting new hip-hop act making waves in the local music space. He recently premiered his new single ‘The Complicated Hour’. The track is the lead single off the star’s latest three-track EP and was born as a coping mechanism in reaction to a series of hard and unfortunate moments he experienced. Now, the rapper has released a beautiful new music video which truly brings the song’s message to life.

The video is incredibly creative and is a different approach to your typical hip-hop music video. DeKiller’Clown has a lot to say on the song and his flow and delivery is top-class. The storytelling element paired with the artistic music video makes an entertaining experience for audiences and showcases just how much the rapper has to offer.

“I knew after meeting Mbuso (DeKiller’Clown) that there was this sensitivity and sincerity to him – he didn’t have a need to parade his masculinity,” director Michael Rodrigues says. “I started thinking that it would be interesting to do a hip-hop music video that showcased the artist’s vulnerability. It excited me to subvert the attitude and male bravado that is typically at the forefront of hip-hop videos. Opposed to graffiti we see a wall of flowers, in place of an entourage surrounding our artist we see him isolated. These settings introduced femininity and provided an intimacy to the video.”

Watch the music video here:

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