December Streets Release An Anthem For The Underdog With New Single ‘Haters’

Local indie pop group December Streets have, over the years, found their sweet spot. The group has been behind some massive radio hits over the past few years and are always a highlight during festival season. While we’ll definitely miss seeing them on stage as we combat the Covid-19 coronavirus, the group is back with some new music as they premiere their hot new single ‘Haters’.

The group has always managed to find a way to get their audience to relate to their messages they share through their music and continue this trend with ‘Haters’. The song was inspired by the band’s youth where a lot of haters were casting shade on their dreams of being in a successful band. However, they refused to let the negativity get to them.

What’s special is that, from the band’s perspective, the fundamental conception of this track comes from their journey through a tough musical landscape, where they’ve learnt to rather embrace their natural and unique identity as artists, songwriters and as individuals. Not conforming to pre-conceptions or allowing negativity from others to impact us all, instead of flaunting our individuality. It takes a humorous approach to a very real topic and flaunts being comfortable in your own skin in the face of opposition.


“This is one of my favourite tracks we’ve written,” the group’s lead singer Tristan Coetzee tells us. “’Haters’ combines all the groovy rhythms with a powerful message of solidarity between outliers, sandwiched in a confident, care-free vibe. My hope for this song is that anyone who has their unique flair suppressed (for whatever reason), uses this song and message as a shield to negativity. If just one person comes to the realisation that their unique identity and personality is EXACTLY what makes them golden, and silences their haters to their core, then we’ve succeeded.”

Meanwhile, vocalist Dane Steinhobel adds that “This is a track that challenges the status quo of what is required to be considered popular and perhaps even questions the desire to want to be popular in and of itself. This is achieved by poking fun at things that are traditionally assumed to increase social hierarchy while on the other hand celebrating, or encouraging us to care less about, things that are considered to decrease popularity. At the very least I hope that when people listen to the track haters that it will inspire them to take life and be a part of the in-crowd with a pinch of salt.”

Finally, the group’s newest member Matthew Tager tells us that “This track is conducive to collective energy, passion, belief and expression. As Tristan explains it was an experience of interactions with others that ignited this idea. The fact that the track houses relatable context for each band member aided in the writing process. Next, Rudolph the beat machine and finally Paul the production god if there ever was one filled in the puzzle pieces to make us sound way cooler than we actually are ;). Performing this song live allows us to share a space with fans that can relate to our message and in return, we end up being a stronger family than an individual battling the issues addressed in the song.”

Listen to ‘Haters’ here:

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