53 Years Of Days Of Our Lives!

The very first episode of Days of Our Lives aired on this day in 1965!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are all the years we’ve spent watching this enthralling and dramatic soap opera. 53 years ago we were transported to a fictional town named Salem (not Sabrina’s cat, millennials). The show follows three families, namely: the Hortons, Bradys and the DiMeras, all intertwined in various storylines from suspense and drama to humour and adventure. We know this is the probably the furthest throwback you’ve ever come across, because as much as you relate to it, it goes further than your entire existence.

Let’s take a brief moment just to show Alice Horton, who was with the show from episode 1 and gracefully matured with it until she left the show on December of 2007.

We are certain everyone has a memory or few with Days Of Our Lives, and here are some of our favourite moments from the show. Prepare for a trip down memory lane like no other.

A compilation of some of the most memorial moments from Sami and Carrie fighting over Austin to Marlena Evans possessed by the devil and everything in between.

We hope we’ve made you realize how old you are with this incredible throwback (we cannot be the only ones feeling this way).



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