Danine Naidoo Makes Musical Debut

The TV presenter keeps proving she is a force to be reckoned with as she unexpectedly releases her new single today.

By: El Broide

Danine Naidoo is a talented individual. Not only is she one of the most versatile and exciting television presenters, but she also showcased her entrepreneurial skills as she opened her own PR company. However, after years of expanding on her talents, the star is focusing on a passion no one knew she had – to become a singer. Today, Danine launches her debut single ‘Rock Me’ – and, like her, it’s sexy, sassy and surprising!

The singer admits that her love for TV and PR overshadowed her musical ambitions and was a “musical and singing closet case.” Danine adds that “I will always celebrate and be grateful for the multiple ways that TV Presenting and PR helped me navigate a network toward a music cross-over. For so many years I represented others and had to throw my ears to their creations in the music world. Little did they know, I was yearning to be an artist myself.”

Like many musicians, the passion for music started at home. Danine grew up in a home where music was always on high rotation. She recalls a speaker continuously being close to her baby chair. She also remembers being inspired by her uncle who is a professional jazz drummer in The Alvin Dyers Trio. However, while the passion was there, it wasn’t until one fateful night back in 2016 when the spark was ignited. While attending one of The Alvin Dyers Trio’s gigs, the star was called onto stage and was asked to sing a spontaneous rendition of Alicia Keys’ beautiful single ‘If I Ain’t Got You’. The rush of performing in front of an audience instantly hooked Danine and she started making her dreams a reality – and ‘Rock Me’ was born.

The single is an ode to the singer’s love for jazz and 80’s music. The retro track has an infectious bass line and a whole lot of funk. While the song isn’t necessarily radio friendly, it encompasses Danine’s bubbly personality – something that makes her debut authentic.

The song is produced by “King B”, otherwise known as Nathan Redpath. Danine and Nathan met during an industry event and once they got into the studio, magic happened. “We went through his beat-making archives and I identified with a few that really made me lose my mind. I took them away for some song-writing and harmony touches of my own and that’s how ‘Rock Me’ was born,” Danine says about the creation process.

Danine also shot an incredibly fun video for the track at the new Bounce trampoline park in Fourways Mall. Much like the song, the video has an old-school feel to it and includes cameos by Mika Stefano and Meryl Collins.

‘Rock Me’ is the start of an exciting new journey for Danine Naidoo. The song is available now on all major digital music platforms. Support local music and grab a copy of the song today.

El Broide

El Broide

El Broide has had a long standing career within the entertainment industry. He has interviewed local and international celebrities such as Bonang Manthba, Gareth Cliff, Oprah, Giuliana Rancic, Jessie J, Buddy Valastro, Kris Jenner, Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Osbourne, and the late Joan Rivers (amongst others). El also owns PR and social media agency The Platinum Club and is obsessed with all things entertainment. From film to theatre to music, El loves it all.