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Chit-Chat With: Courtnae’ Paul

Courtnae 1

Occupation: Choreographer, DJ and Creative Director.

Birthday: February 25, 1992.

Age: 23.

Star Sign: Pisces.

Hometown: Durban.

My friends usually say Im: Too loud.

For breakfast this morning I had: Coffee, muesli and yogurt.

To bed I usually wear: A big T-shirt and shorts – I dress for comfort!

Im attracted to girls who are: My girlfriend, LOL!

I would never: Have my TV volume on an odd number.

On a Saturday Night you would most likely find me: Choreographing or Dj-ing at an event, or at home, on the couch, with popcorn and a movie.

My craziest travel experience: Jumping into the ocean in Mauritius with only a pair of flippers, no life jacket, at 05h00, and having my tour guide forget my existence and leave me there :/

Courtnae 2

Id spend my last 20 bucks on: Data, so I can watch puppy video’s on Facebook.

My ideal celebrity date is: Kevin Hart – purely because I would be laughing the entire time. I think he is me, in a shorter, darker, funnier kind of way.

My last impulse buy: Sneakers! They will put me on the streets one day.

The album on high rotation on my iPod at the moment is: Loving the new Disclosure right now.

My ideal first date involves: A solid connection, laughter and good conversation.

When I was a kid, I thought babies came from: My neighbours.

Im proud of myself because: I’ve learnt to adapt in an ever-changing space, I’ve achieved some pretty awesome things thus far, and I constantly push my own boundaries.

Im most passionate about: My spirituality, family, health, music, dance and my career. I also have a huge passion for nature, animals and wildlife conservation.

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