Celebs Worst/First Job Ever

Celebs Worst/First Job Ever: When it comes to the lows before the highs of Egoliwood, most celebs have humble beginnings and a bad job or two to look back on. Lets take a look at some of our fav celebs and what they did before they were famous.


“My first job was as a weekend news presenter at YFM. I’m saying this with a smile because I’ve been lucky enough to never have really had the “worst job”. My first job was literally what I’d always wanted to do. I started doing voice-overs a year before I got my job at YFM, so when the news editor heard some of my recordings, he decided to give me a chance to learn the ropes in his newsroom. Fast-forward to 2016 (5 years later) I’m a fully-fledged broadcaster, both radio and television and it’s all thanks to my first (not worst) job”- Thabile Ngwato


linda full pic 2

During weekends I did promotions – it was the same year I was at the radio station. It started off well because I promoted cell phones – soon enough I went onto promoting alcohol. I ended up having to drive to the worst parts of town, to the dodgiest taverns with a lot of valuables in my car (product and branding). The patriots of the establishments I’d be promoting at would get rather excitable as the night developed and would start demanding freebies and gifts from me, even without having earned them. I’d have to be escorted off the premises at times because of the excitement that would develop.”- Linda Mbuso


“My worst job had to be doing promotions in Fourways Mall over the Easter holidays. The costume of a giant Easter bunny had been spray painted and put together with glue. The costume had this awful smell of glue and chicken pie. I must say – people are mean to people who dress up for promotions. So many people would pull my bunny tail or flick my ears. The plus side was we had an unlimited amount of Easter eggs.”- Mika Stefano


“My worst job was working at a production office as a Personal Assistant, I worked there for a day. I can never work in the same space if I’m not doing what I love, and I am lucky that I am now able to do that.”-Omuhle Gela

Nick in the 5FM studio

“When I was 12 years old my friends and I would go to restaurants and ask them if we could play music – the likes of jazz and blues. They would then pay us in burgers and something to drink.  I did that until varsity – finally forming a band and getting paid to do it at restaurants, weddings and birthday parties”- Nick Hamman