Celebs And Their Spending Habits [EXCLUSIVE]

by Michael Sekhu
Khnayi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau

Showbiz can sometimes be a cruel industry, but it’s not all bad because the mega-bucks our celebs earn make up for it. Sure, money can’t buy happiness but it can buy chocolate (and lots more), and that’s basically the same thing.

We decided to have a look at a few A-listers – local and international – to find out what they can’t help splurging on. What we can say is that international celebs are way more extravagant with their cash while our locals are quite modest in comparison!

Khanyi Mbau

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The slay queen; Khanyi Mbau has never had a problem spending a bit here and there on the finer things in life, and splurges on anything from linen, to food to shoes. “I spend a lot of my time in bed so I spend a lot of money on linen. I’m a foodie too, and I’m obsessed with shoes. I buy my shoes from London and my team sometimes tells me that I have to slow down when it comes to that. However, I make very huge investments.”

Find out what other local celebs love splurging their money on in our latest issue here.

Khanyi Mbau

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