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Celebs Show You How To Wear Faux Leather This Summer!

Don’t pack all your winter clothing away just yet! Well at least not any of your leather items!. Many may think leather only works for winter, well you’re wrong! They’re many way to wear the trend and incorporate it in your wardrobe without sweating.

It’s only about going for lightweight fabrics and styles, which either have an open back detail or skirts and shorts. You don’t have to go all out in leather especially if the trend isn’t for you, you can just wear add an item to your look to give it a fun and edgy feel.

If you’re in need of some inspiration to get you started then have a look at these celebs who are rocking faux leather trend for summer. 

Instead of black go for light camels, blushes, and whites for summer. The freshest and easy way to wear this fabric is to embrace silhouettes with interesting laser cut-outs. If you aren’t ready to take the leather plunge, look for pieces with just a hint of leather detailing.

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