Celebrate Youth Day With Euphonik

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 Euphonik is inviting South Africa’s youth to take part in an hour-long Twitter Q&A on Youth Day, 16 June 2016 from 10hoo-11h00, in which he will open up on an inspirational-yet-realistic, conversation topic – “If you think it you can achieve it”.

Euphonik Youth Day Q&A


Explaining his reasoning behind this Youth Day focus Q&A, Euphonik explains that “youth are the ones to watch, the ones with the most potential. “

“South Africa, by way of our cultural experiences, has the most diverse youth in the world. Looking at the possibilities, opportunities, and capabilities these kids have, is just incredible,” says Euphonik, “So long as we continue to have open, honest and caring conversations we can take our country higher.”


 In the Q&A, Euphonik wants to open up a conversation that will inspire young people to act on their opportunities and start their journey today.

Along with inspiration, Euphonik stresses that one has to work incredibly hard in order to succeed. While having been a key figure in the music industry for over 10 years – in which he has performed with top DJs around the world – Euphonik knows what it takes to succeed, and still feels if his own journey has only just begun.

“I want to tell the youth to act, that anything is possible, but that anything is only possible when you’re willing to work really, really hard,” adds Euphonik.

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