Catching Up With Jessica Nkosi

by Michael Sekhu
Jessica Nkosi

Jessica Nkosi

Originally from the KZN province, Jessica Nkosi is best known for portraying the character of Qondi on Mzansi Magic’s Isibaya, and her bubbly personality continues to make her a hit on television. Fresh from shooting Tropika Island of Treasure on the island archipelago of the Seychelles the actress chats to us about her experience on the island, what we can expect on the show, and her plans for this year.

How did you find the whole Tropika Island Of Treasure experience?

The experience was out of this world. It was fun and also tiring, there’re were tears and a lot of hugs. All in all it was absolutely amazing.

Jessica Nkosi

What did you love the most about the competition?

The people, without the people there wouldn’t be any competition. I got to know all the celebs that I wasn’t used to and also the other contestants – those were the best moments.

Why do you think it’s important for people to check out the show?

They’ll get to witness us in our raw form. I feel like you don’t really know a person until they’re competing. I’m an actress and they’re many people who don’t know me when I’m off camera. You’ll get to see Jessica Nkosi and not the characters that I’m playing.


What did you learn from your time on the island that you can apply in your everyday life?

I learnt that no matter how tough things may seem, it’s all worth it in the end. Most of the time we’re tired of chasing our dreams and we just want to give up but at the end of the day you will finish and you’ll get what you want.

What are some of your plans for this year?

I’ll be venturing into a lot of things outside of acting. I just want South Africa to continue to support me and trust in the decisions that I’m going to take.

Jessica Nkosi

Do you have any words of advice to those young girls around South African who aspire to one day be in the same position as you?

One thing I realised about a lot of young people is that they rush to get into in the industry – I’m just saying, stay in school. At the end of the day it’s very important to be an intellectual and be able to hold a conversation. I always wanted to be an actress but I had to finish the Drama Degree that I had enrolled in. I’d go for auditions and not get the role and that made me frustrated. But then the year I completed I auditioned for Isibaya and got the role.

Jessica Nkosi

Speaking about school, a lot of people in the television Industry see no need to be in school. Would you say you made the right decision by completing your degree?

Well, as I said, I went for auditions while studying, but i didn’t get the parts, so I didn’t have a choice. But if you go for auditions and get the role while still in school go for it, but make sure you eventually complete your studies, even if it’s part-time.

Final Words?

Follow what is in your heart and the gift that God gave you. People thought I was crazy when I left law for Drama – Your talent will open doors for you.

Catch Tropika Island of Treasure Mondays at 19h30 On SABC 3.

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