Blue Mbombo Opens Up About Being ‘Married’!

Bebe Cool and Duchess Blue Mbombo

Duchess Blue Mbombo’s picture of her rocking bridal attire and looking the part of a blushing bride has been doing the rounds on social media so we decided to catch-up with the local beauty to clear the air… once and for all.

Blue, you look stunning as a bride by the way. Tell us, are you married?


Hahahaha! No – I’m not married at all, hey.

Bebe Cool and Duchess Blue Mbombo

So how come your bridal pic is doing the rounds? What’s the story behind it?

I was a love interest for Ugandan musician Bebe Cool’s music video titled, “Everywhere I go”

Bebe Cool and Blue Mbomb in music video

Ok. So how did it work for you to be selected? Were you approached directly? Or was there a selection process?

So basically it was a normal casting job where the agency at that time called us all and we went through the process of being selected by the client and for the music video.

Blue Mbombo in Bebe Cool music video

Stunning and thanks for the chat Duchess Blue! Ladies and gents, if you want to be part of the Royal Family it’s pretty easy. Just keep up with Duchess Blue Mbombo on social media.