Black Motion Announce Multi-City Tour!

black motion

Black Motion, to host their first-ever music tour, together with Ballantine’s. Set to hit six cities across the country this April and May, they’ll produce the tour under the brand’s Stay True banner, which celebrates what it means to stay authentic to your craft, your passion and your music.

Watch: Black Motion – Lalela

Black Motion have been touring extensively, performing at international events and club nights such as Defected In the House, Ministry of Sound (UK), Rise at Watergate (Berlin), Kilo Lounge (Singapore), Las Estacas, Morelos (Mexico), Summer Love 2017 at La Marina (New York) and many more.


Nevertheless South Africa is their home and its people are their family. Coming back to their roots is something Black Motion lives for and staying true means celebrating where you come from. This is why the Ballantine’s x Black Motion Tour will also visit smaller regions like Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth, in addition to Black Motion’s home city of Pretoria, so more fans get to experience the authentic Stay True sound of Black Motion.

Tickets are limited and will be on sale at the door.



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