Black Coffee Gets Candid On The Backlash Following His Divorce Announcement

Last month, Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali announced that they have separated after seven years of marriage. With Black Coffee’s career taking off internationally, many believed that this sparked the deterioration of the couple’s marriage but after rumours have gone wild regarding why the couple split, the DJ opened up to YFM’s DJ Sabby about his relationship and why people shouldn’t look too deeply into their split.

“I’ve tried by all means to separate [my brand and personal life] but somehow the public people make it one thing,” Black Coffee says. “…to a point where I feel sometimes it’s trolling. Like I look at some of the tweets that sometimes come to me and I feel that if I tweeted that to someone else I would be cancelled. Especially right now with everything that’s happening in my personal life. Even though we all made statements that this is a private matter, but people will still come because they feel entitled.”

The star added that he isn’t the first person in the limelight to go through a divorce and he couldn’t help but feel that the country is scrutinising their decision to separate without really knowing what went on in their relationship. “I don’t feel I owe anyone anything. I’m not the first person to be in this situation. No one is dead, no one is abused and nothing terrible happened. We just decided this is where we want to be, but the public feels like they want to have a say to a point where sometimes it’s disrespectful.”


Meanwhile, when Enhle broke the news of the couple’s divorce in a video on Instagram, she said that “All I’ve ever tried to do was be a great wife. A supportive wife, one that is respectful. Not only to my partner and everyone that is around him…It is indeed a situation that no one wants to see themselves in, but here we are.”

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