Before They Were Famous: Pink

by Robert Clunie

CONTRASTING her edgy, tomboyish style with that of her female popstar peers, Pink has had huge success with hits like You Make Me Sick and There You Go. She’s a Grammy-award winning singer, wife, mother and talented performer. So this week we’re just giving you a reason to get to know that superstar that little better, particularly how the pre-celeb found her way to stardom!


  • HER full name is Alecia Beth Moore. She was born in Doylestown.
  • HER parents divorced when she was three years old. Their split and the subsequent demise of the marriage sparked, in part, a rebellious attitude from Pink. “I was never allowed to go over to any of my friends’ houses when I was little, because I was a bad influence,” she said of her early life. “None of their parents liked me and my own parents were scared to death of me – and for me.”
  • SHE wrote her first song when she was 14.

Young Pink

  • SHE became a regular singer at a nightclub in Philadelphia when she was 15 years old.
  • THE partying swallowed her into a world of drugs (she nearly overdosed at the age of 15) and petty crime.
  • SHE eventually dropped out of high school before returning to earn her G.E.D. in 1998.

Young Pink

  • PINK attended Moore College of Art and Design for a year before dropping out.
  • SHE has worked at Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and a gas station.
  • SHE got a contract with LaFace Records as part of the trio Choice. However, the band fizzled and she went solo.
  • PINK was the opening act for N’Sync.
  • SHE gained superstardom in the 2002 Moulin Rouge soundtrack with Christina Aguilera.
  • PINK attended Christina Aguilera’s 22nd-birthday party wearing nothing but body paint from the waist up. She gave her friend a full-lip kiss before she left.
  • PINK (sometimes as Alecia Moore) has appeared in the films Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Get Him To The Greek, Thanks for Sharing, Happy Feet Two, Rollerball, and Catacombs.
  • PINK briefly dated Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

Pink, Carey Hart and Willow Hart

  • HER parents cried after hearing her song Family Portrait and realised the effect their divorce had on her upbringing.
  • Brooke Shields was the first celebrity Pink ever met. The future singer was five, and Shields signed her hat.
  • SHE is a vegetarian.
  • SHE got married to motocross rider Carey Hart on January 7, 2006.

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