5 Cindy Crawford Diet Tips

Top 5 Cindy Crawford diet tips

By Angela Bekiaris

Balance to wholesome living is important when living a happy life, and former supermodel Cindy Crawford believes balance is key in her every day routine. She also shares five diet tips with us.

Top 5 Cindy Crawford diet tips

Cindy Crawford shares her five diet tips with us.

While we may believe that models survive on lettuce all day, the truth is they just know how to balance their meals. Cindy Crawford, for example, still lives the same healthy lifestyle she always has – and clearly it’s working because she still looks as amazing, if not better, than she did on the catwalk in the ’90s.

She doesn’t stoically ignore all her cravings – she just won’t overdo it. 

“Cindy was truly balanced and was never obsessive about what she ate,” says a source who worked with the model for 15 years. “She could go out for pizza but not indulge. She’d have a slice with a side salad instead of four slices.”

5 Cindy Crawford Diet Tips

  • She banks on healthy and vegan foods to nourish her.
  • She eats healthy and nutrient dense foods most of the time.
  • She steers clear from calorie loaded foods such as sweets, white carbs, processed foods etc.
  • Instead of consuming calorie dense soda drinks, juices and  energy drinks, Cindy consumes three litres of water in a day.
  • She has for years abided to the Zone Diet programme which  insists on consumption of five to six small meals in a day which are comprised of 40 percent proteins, 30 percent carbs, and 30 percent healthy fats.

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