Ayanda Ncwane Celebrates Women’s Month

Ayanda Ncwane

Ayanda Ncwane

Widow of Gospel Heavyweight Muso Sfiso Ncwane, Ayanda Ncwane is a sight to behold.  The Head and CEO of Ncwane Communications chats to us about the joys of being a women and also salutes the women who inspire her daily.

Ayanda, what does Women’s Month mean to you?
It simply means taking responsibility for sacrifices done by women who sweat and stood for our freedom and well being.


Awesome! So tell us, what do you love most about being a women?
Being able to have been granted by God a nurturing ability in everything I do. From raising kids alone, to making everything out of nothing.

Stunning! So which women have played an important part in contributing to the woman that you are today?
My grandmother and my mother. Mostly my grandmother; I grew up watching her in action as a young widow who had to love me and my siblings and cousins the same way. She showed a true sign of leadership and bravery while teaching us about the importance of respect, love and being independent as a women.

Powerful! So what are your thoughts on how women can support each other and celebrate each other as a lifestyle and not just a movement in August annually?
As women we already have realized that we have so much strength and power to do anything. Instead of using it against each other, we can do more and achieve much more if we can hold each other’s hands and uplift each other instead of looking down on one another.

True! So which famous women do you look up to? 
Michelle Obama, has stood out for me. But the most famous women that I adore is Abigail from the Bible. Even though I only read about her, I feel like I’ve met her. Her character inspires me a lot..

Michelle Obama

Share a famous quote by women that inspire you to be a better version of yourself every day.
“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Powerful! Share a song that gets you in the mood to celebrate the woman that you are, all day and every day.
This Woman’s Work by Maxwell. My husband sang this song and charmed me when he was still proposing and he happened to sang it just like Maxwell and even better. Only to find out the lyrics are in sync with our present life.

Absolutely love it! Thanks for the chat Mam’ Ncwane and all the best with your future endeavours. Ladies and gents keep up with the Queen of Ncwane Communications on social media.