Atandwa Kani Gets Candid On His Insecurities

Atandwa Kani has a lot to be proud of. Not only is he the son of legendary actor John Kani, who just voiced Rafiki in the popular remake of Disney’s classic ‘The Lion King’, but he’s a phenomenal actor in his own right. He starred in the popular TV series ‘Wild At Heart’, played a young Nelson Mandela in ‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom’ as well as a young T’Chaka in the popular ‘Black Panther’ film. However, the star recently took to Twitter to reveal that anxiety still consumes him and that he’s working on being proud of where he is in life right now.

“Hi. My name is Atandwa Kani and I care WAY too much about what people think about me… I’m done with that. Thank you,” he tweeted. The actor continued adding that he’s also “so damn insecure… but I’m working on that” and that “I’m worried that I REALLY should be further in my life with my achievements, but I REALLY am not.”


South Africans responded beautifully to the actor sincere moments with many sharing their insecurities with the star. “Hi Atandwa. My name is Mokgadi and I developed the habit of second guessing myself after going through a hellish period in my life. I’m working on it and slowly getting there. It shall be well,” one fan responded.

Another added “I can relate and I’m working on myself to accept things I cannot change and work on those within my control and surrender all to the Universe.”

We love seeing our local celebs sharing both the ups and downs of being in the spotlight. It makes them human and, like Atandwa, so many people around the world are going through the same thing.