Armand Joubert Taps Evida For Hot New Single ‘Falling’

The Voice South Africa star Armand Joubert has had quite the impressive start to his career. He is responsible for the radio hits ‘Should I’ and ‘Sun Back’ amongst others. Now, the star is back with a brand-new single and this time, he’s joined by local pop act Evida on a new song titled ‘Falling’.

The song was written by Armand alongside songwriter Jethro Tait and is essentially a song about a person who wants to come back into your life after they previously gave up on you. The song was inspired by Armand’s personal experiences – especially the amount of people who tried to crawl back into his life after he started achieving mainstream success. “This song gives me a lot of strength to walk away from the wrong people and stand up for myself,” Armand says of the song. “I always want to be as honest as I can through my music, that’s why I’m releasing this song.” Evida add a fresh approach and perspective to the song and the duo’s chemistry with Armand makes for an interesting listen.

Armand also promises an epic music video for the track which will be released soon. “All I can say is that the music is going to be savage. If you listen to the lyrics of the song, a lot of that will be reflected in the video,” he tells us. “The music video will be about me playing a king and my ex wants to come back but I will not allow him back into my life.”


Listen to the song here: