Amanda Black Gets Candid On Her Upcoming Single ‘Thandwa Ndim’

Amanda Black burst onto the local airwaves back in 2016 with her debut album ‘Amazulu’ reached multi-platinum status and fast-became one of Mzansi’s hottest new stars. Now, she’s ready to take her career to the next level as she announces that she’s signed a deal with Sony Music Africa which will represent her new record label Afro Rockstar – and she will be releasing her new single ‘Thandwa Ndim’ this Friday.

Amanda has promised that the upcoming single will embody everything fans have grown to know and love about the star – emotional lyrics, a beautiful melody and inspiration.

The single sees Amanda Black using her radiantly expressive voice to call on women to encircle, with non-judgemental love, those struggling to leave an abusive relationship. In this call to action, she’s unmistakably championing women’s empowerment that is built on empathising with those who are struggling to extract themselves from complex situations.


“I want ‘Thandwa Ndim’ to bring strength and courage to women who feel that they are trapped in toxic situations,” says Amanda Black of a song that she wrote after seeing a news report of yet another South African woman killed by her partner. “I want these women to understand that they are not alone and that they are truly loved.”

The singer adds that “You can never have unity without compassion and empathy. My wish for this song is that it makes people stop and think more deeply about the lives of other women. We live in such a fragmented world, one in which our sense of community is broken. But I believe that we must begin to feel again if we are to join the circle of love that women need to be enveloped in, if they are to leave.”

Like many Xhosa expressions and words ‘Thandwa Ndim’ has two meanings, and Amanda Black herself is taking strength from the unintended double message of the song. As she puts it: “‘Thandwa Ndim’ means you will be loved by me but it also means I will be loved by me. Amazingly, the song’s relevance to my own situation only became clear to me after people close to me heard it and pointed out that it could also be an expression of love for myself – the self-love that I really needed following challenges I experienced in life – the self-love I came to recognise within me as a strength to take myself seriously and forge ahead when times were tough”.

‘Thandwa Ndim’ drops on all major digital music platforms on 1 February 2019.

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