5 Things You Didn’t Know About Amanda Du-Pont

Amanda Du-Pont is the complete opposite of the character she plays on Skeem Sam, Lelo. You’ll never guess what the talented local beauty had to say about teeth, bras, coffee and being a beach bum.


1. I’m a nerd

I’d rather be in my house reading literature and talking business than turning up.


2. I’m obsessed with teeth

I’m obsessed with healthy teeth in general – more than a normal person. I go for a check up once a month and I use amazing products.


3. I don’t like wearing bras

I hate them. They make me feel uncomfortable – like I’m stressed when I’m not.

4. I’m a beach bum

I would love to spend my days on the beach, with my hair loose, wearing my bikini – surfing and having lunch meetings. I’m a typical beach bum!

5. I’m a coffee lover

Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my cup of coffee in the morning.


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